Outreach at the MOST Genetics Day

Panel on Women in STEM at the MOST May 2018

Collage of speakers at the MOST event.

March 13, 2018: Lewis Lab Outreach event with Solvay students hits the news


March 22, 2017: Local high school students visit SU Biology Department to conduct college-level research with zebrafish

Standing between two towering rows of tiny, green, bubbling tanks, 9th-grader Drarton Harris gazes up in amazement. A thousand eyeballs stare back. “I’ve never seen so many fish in one place! It’s like a fish museum!” Read more from “Something Fishy About Genetics”.

April 13, 2016 Solvay High School Visit

Solvay High School Students Get Hooked on Zebrafish at Syracuse University March 23, 2015

Just before Spring Break, two dozen eighth and ninth graders filed into a biology lab at Syracuse University, where they were greeted by tanks of petite, stripped fish. Their assignment? To study the animals up close. Read more: “Lessons from the Fishbowl”.

High School Outreach – Science From a Collegiate Perspective March 21, 2013

Two HS students looking on while Dr. Lewis finds a specific sample in the microscope.

Dr. Kate Lewis has led this local outreach program for the past four years, hosting dozens of high school students from the city of Syracuse and Central New York. Read more from “Science from a Collegiate Perspective”.