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Above: Undergraduate researcher Richard Bates at his poster.


Above: Individual interneurons in the zebrafish spinal chord labelled with GFP.


Above: Spinal interneurons can be individually identified in zebrafish embryos and larvae. This schematic shows the cell body positions and axon trajectories of the major classes of zebrafish spinal interneurons and two of the three major spinal axon tracts (VLF and DLF). Taken from Lewis and Eisen (2003). Dashed lines indicate contralateral axons.


Above: VeLD and KA interneurons express gata3, scl and GABAergic markers. Lateral views of spinal cord showing VeLD (A & B) and KA (B & C) neurons labelled in green (anti-GFP staining on Tg (8.1kGata1:eGFP) fish). Red staining shows gata3 expression (A); scl expression (B) and expression of GABAergic markers (C).


Above: Different regulatory genes (transcription factors) are expressed by distinct populations of interneurons in the zebrafish spinal cord. This picture shows lateral and cross-section views of the zebrafish spinal cord at about 18 hours of development. Dorsal is to the top and Anterior to the left. The amniote orthologues of the zebrafish genes are indicated in parenthesis


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